Forthcoming Courses

Performance Car Control Course

The Full Day Course offers high quality coaching using this unique combination of facilities:

Low Traction Wetted Skid Surfaces, Tower Circuit and Dynamic Handling Area, giving you a rare opportunity to know your car and hone your skills.

  • Popular with owners of performance cars who want to appreciate the dynamics of a car designed to be driven. 
  • Perfect as a preparation for the next trackday or for extra enjoyment in your everyday driving.
  • One to one coaching from people highly skilled in car handling dynamics.
        All have race and car manufacturer testing backgrounds with friendly easy communication skills.

  • This is a fabulous relaxed opportunity to develop more feel for,  and explore, your car's handling and driving dynamics.

    The course is adapted for each individual, so whatever level you are at or what ever car you drive, you will gain vast amounts.

    We use the Prodrive Test Facility in Warwickshire.

    "Immense fun, the day passed far too quickly! came away with plenty of points to work on" Neil Cheatle - BMW M3

    "Excellent experience to get the insight into car control I was interested in. The personal level of instruction really helped me to "get it" in my own time, as I needed. Really good fun!" Kate Stevens - MX5

    Very Good Day, very enjoyable, will definitely recommend.
    Instructors very friendly and knowledgeable" Chris Ray - Porsche 968 

    "Good Day, nice lunch,relaxed instruction. came away having learn't a lot. Will recommend" Mike Robson -Porsche GT3